General Terms and Conditions


This conditions describe and regulate the relations between the visitors of PACHICO.NET website and the organisation behind.

PACHICO.NET is an Internet information page for presenting goods and services and making inquiries for this goods and services by Pachico brand clients. The site is owned by PACHICO EOOD, a company registered under the Commercial Law of the Republic of Bulgaria and entered in Commercial Register with company identifier 117525740, hereinafter called “the Company“.

For the sake of completeness and clarity of this General Terms and Conditions, “User” means any and all visitors to PACHICO.NET web page, regardless of whether they fall under the definition of user within the meaning of the Consumer Protection Act and whether they are registered subjects or legal entities representatives or individuals or Clients within the meaning of this General Terms and Conditions.

The Company reserves the right to change its General Terms and Conditions, and the changes take effect immediately after their update at the web page of PACHICO.NET. Users should check for changes in the General Terms and Conditions themselves, and the Company is not obliged to inform them in any other way about changes, unless such obligations arise for the Company from Consumer Protection Act and / or other Bulgarian legislative acts or international agreements applicable to the Republic of Bulgaria.

Basic provisions of these General Terms and Conditions:

PACHICO.NET provides the User with the opportunity to make inquiries for the products offered on the site.

The variety of Company products may be dynamically supplemented and modified in order to improve and expand them.

Responsibilities of the Parties:

The Company shall not be liable towards users, customers or third parties in the following situations:

Force majeure circumstances leading to inability for Pachico to reply to inquiries. Upon occurrence of such circumstances the Company shall inform its customers / users about the difficulties.

The Company does not guarantee that the access to the website of PACHICO.NET will be uninterruptible, timely, secure, and free from errors, as far as this is beyond the capabilities, control and will of the Company.

The Company shall not be responsible for failure to access PACHICO.NET and/or for non-processing or late processing of products inquiries in the event of circumstances beyond Company´s control, such as force majeure, accidental events, troubles with Internet providers, global Internet problems or provision of services outside the Company´s control.

When using the PACHICO.NET website, the Client undertakes to:

  • To indicate correct data: forename, surname, name of the legal entity (if applicable), company identification number (UIC) (if applicable), valid e-mail, contact telephone number and other data required for the provision Company services;
  • Not to provide false or invalid requests or other false information.

When using the PACHICO.NET website, the Client has the right to:

  • To receive answer to its inquiries concerning goods as described on the website;
  • To contact the Company through the contact information available on the website.