3 Facts about Legionella bacteria and water areas

3 Facts about Legionella bacteria and water areas

Did you know that your swimming pool or any water systems, for that matter, can be the perfect grounds for Legionella bacteria to grow and spread? To protect your water areas and the people that use them from the bacteria, use a strong cleaning product that passes EN1276 or EN 13623 standards. Contact our customer service team for a price quote and information on the right products for your business: +359 82 844 871 | office@officepachico-net

Legionella bacteria can be found in any water areas

Typically found in natural water sources like lakes, streams, the bacteria is a health concern when it spreads to human-made water systems: swimming pools, showerheads, and sink faucets, dishwashers, water cooling systems, hot tubs, decorative fountains, plumbing systems.

Legionella bacteria spread through water droplets and causes diseases

It grows, multiplies, and spreads through water droplets that people can inhale. They can get Legionnaire’s disease and develop symptoms of fever, cough, chills, or muscle aches. It’s basically a severe form of pneumonia. Another risk is developing a milder form of flu, known as Pontiac fever. People who are smokers, with respiratory problems, or have weakened immune systems, are most susceptible to catching the bacteria.

Legionella bacteria spreads where water is stagnant and warm

The bacteria has been found in water systems where the temperature ranges from 6°C to 60°C but the perfect environment would be warm, stagnant water at 20°C to 45°C. What’s interesting is that it can really grow in areas that are in a building environment, too. The lockdown allowed for lower flow rates in office buildings, for example, and such occasion creates the ideal conditions for the bacteria. What’s more problematic is when it colonises the plumbing system and showerheads, water storage tanks, and hot water cylinders as well as spa areas and hot tubs.  

How to fight the bacteria?

To fight the bacteria, the best water temperature is below 20°C or over 60°C as well as using the right cleaning products, especially for swimming pools and spas. The best products to kill or eliminate the legionella are chlorine-based products such as PaChico DZF Chlorine New – tablets used for disinfection of water with bactericidal, fungicidal and virocidal action, perfect for swimming pools! Other products, great for fighting the bacteria in areas where water is a common element such as bathrooms and toilets are Sanid, Sanifresh and PaChico DZF Lactosept. For more information on PaChico products, go to our website: https://en.pachico.net/