Recognising Cleaning Operatives around the world

iRecognise2021 Day is to raise the profile of the cleaning sector and to show that we ‘recognise’ (Respect Every Cleaning Operative Giving Necessary Importance to Services and Environments) the work they carry out.

The best way to combat diseases is prevention

Learn about the different routes of transmission of harmful pathogens and understand how infectious diseases are spread.

To wash or not to wash your hands – not a question but a must!

Harmful pathogens can bring in negative effects to our health. Learn how they are transmitted and how to cope with them to avoid infectious diseases and the spread of viruses.

Back to school: 3 things to consider when opening up the campus

School bells will be ringing soon opening doors to students coming back to school. This is a guidance material, including an easy to use checklist, on how to keep your staff and students safe during these unprecendeted times.

Protect your business from the 4th wave of COVID-19

The World Health Organisation has reported over a month ago that there is a risk of new cases bringing in the 4th wave of COVID-19. Read more about it and learn how to protect your business.

Delivering high-quality standards with PaChico ®

Quality is of paramount importance to PaChico®. We understand the importance of good products, reliability and great customer service is key to delivering results for our clients. Building trust in our brand is important to us but more importantly, we want to make sure that our clients get the best. Learn how we keep the standards high in our organsiation.

4 things to know about new COVID-19 variants

You have most likely heard of the COVID-19 Delta variant that has been making the headlines for being particularly effective in transmitting the virus and infecting people. You most likely know that this is not the only virus variant out there. This blog will take a look into what are the main variants, what is happening, why the virus persists and mutates, vaccinations, and how to protect yourself.

Floor care and cleaning services with washing machine in supermarket shop store

Navigating cleaning standards for your business made simple

Guidance for shopkeepers and supermarket managers on how to clean equipment and surfaces to prevent harmful bacteria from spreading onto food. Why it’s important to clean your equipment and surfaces? Every country has food and hygiene standards. One of the most wide spread ones is HACCP – Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points, which is an…

3 Facts about Legionella bacteria and water areas

Legionella bacteria is a dangerous microorganism that causes pneumonia and other respiratory problems. It is found in water sources such as air-conditioning units, hot-water systems, pools and fountains. It propagates through water, so if water is standing around for long periods of time, it can create a breeding ground for Legionella bacteria. Legionella causes serious respiratory problems and is a potential threat to human health. Here are some facts about Legionella and how you can keep your water areas safe with cleaning products on chlorine basis.

How to protect food surface areas from harmful bacteria

To clean and protect food surface areas, you will need professional hygiene products with the highest European standards that have gone rigorous testing. Learn more about them in this article.