Cleaning before moving to a new home: how to do it

Cleaning before moving to a new home: how to do it

You are about to fulfill your dream and live in a new home, but before you move it is mandatory to do a thorough cleaning. Whether your future home is new construction or old, but with major repairs, you can find dust and dirt lurking from every corner. Thanks to the cleaning before application, you will avoid contamination of your furniture and belongings and will prevent the appearance of allergies due to dust particles, construction materials or other allergens. You will also need a full arsenal of detergents and following the right guidelines. Let’s begin!

How to clean bathrooms

The bathroom and toilet are a really good start because you will have to use them during cleaning. For optimal results, we advise you to treat the surfaces with quality cleaning and disinfecting products such as Sanid and Sanifresh.

Starting point of cleaning: top

A very old trick that we have shared with you before. Start cleaning the bathrooms from top to bottom. First remove dust and cobwebs from the ceiling, corners, ventilation shafts and lighting fixtures. With the help of the telescopic brush of the vacuum cleaner you will reach even the most inaccessible and high places.

Washing windows and glass surfaces

Once you have removed the dirt at the highest points, continue with the windows and glass surfaces. To do this, use a specialized glass cleaner such as Glasrein. This is a product with a high concentration, which easily removes dirt from street dust, deposits from industrial gases, fingerprints and more. In addition, it gives the glass an exceptional crystal shine and the surface dries without a trace. With it you can also clean the mirrors in the bathroom.

To complete the cleaning of windows and other PVC elements, bet on Pachico Decide PVC. The detergent helps to clean and maintain PVC frames on windows, doors and other polyvinyl chloride materials. Thanks to it you will remove the remnants of tape, glues, ink stains and other stubborn dirt on the PVC surface.

Rub the tub and shower

We recommend that you continue cleaning by scrubbing the shower, bathtub and enclosures. The method and cleaner you need is determined by how dirty they are. You can choose between a universal detergent for sanitary areas and a non-abrasive one so as not to scratch the surface. If you have natural materials in the bathroom such as tile or stone, bet on a specially formulated detergent for their cleaning.

Disinfect the toilet

Put on protective gloves and get a product such as Pro WC Gel, with which you will be able to clean and disinfect the toilet bowl, urinal, bidet, dirty joints and other sanitary parts. Using a brush, gently spread the product, leave it to act and rinse well with water. Regular cleaning of the toilet helps against the appearance of mold, rust, minerals and dirt, which can damage parts of the toilet bowl and cause an unpleasant odor.

Clean the sink area

The sink is the place in the bathroom that you will use most often, so prepare a cleaning solution and a set of brushes of different sizes. With a larger one you will be able to remove stubborn accumulations and dirt, and with a small one, like an old toothbrush, you will clean all the seams and holes. Dry the faucets with a clean, dry cloth.

How to clean the kitchen

Once you have thoroughly cleaned the bathroom, it is time to start with the kitchen.

Clean the walls

Here, start the process again with the upper parts of the rooms as in the bathrooms. Then move on to the walls, where you can find everything from fingerprints to food scraps and building materials. For walls, it is important to choose a method of sanitation relative to their surface. If you come across more stubborn stains, you can also use a brush with soft bristles, thanks to which you will rub the dirt more easily. Finally, wipe sequentially with a damp, dry microfiber cloth. For walls with wallpaper, treat the areas with a soft cloth that will remove dust.

Clean the cabinets

For the cabinets we advise you to prepare a suitable detergent, towels and kitchen paper. Start cleaning the inside of the cabinet and shelves, finishing with the exterior cladding, doors and handles. If the furniture is made of wood – it is good to treat them with a special product that will not only clean them, but will create a protective film on the wood. An example of such a cleanser is Decide Lux Orange. Its content contains orange oil, which gives a pleasant aroma, and the wax in it protects the wood.

Clean the main appliances

If you also have appliances in the kitchen, you should do a thorough cleaning of them as well. If they are new – you only need to wipe the dust, but if they have been used – be prepared for more rubbing. In larger appliances such as a stove and refrigerator you can find crumbs, greasy soot and spills. For this reason, in our opinion, it is good to check in advance in what condition they are in order to determine exactly what preparations you need.

Rub the sink and wipe the floor

Finish cleaning the kitchen by rubbing it all over again, rinsing and drying the sink. Hygiene measures should end with washing and drying the flooring in the kitchen. Once you take care of it, you will have a completely refreshed kitchen without any bad smells.

How to clean bedrooms

Finish the basic cleaning with the bedrooms. Our suggestion is to sanitize and disinfect them before arranging your furniture and personal belongings. Like the other rooms in the home, start cleaning from the top down, removing all dirt from the ceiling, lighting fixtures, windows, walls, etc. Then continue with the flooring. Of course, there are different types of it, so as with the walls, you need to approach according to the type of flooring. If you have a carpet, use a vacuum cleaner to remove larger debris and dust particles. Remove the carpet to take it to a professional wash or do it yourself.

To clean wooden floors, whether parquet or laminate, wash them thoroughly with a specialized detergent to clean their surface, then dry completely so that no moisture remains in the wood, which will damage the floor. For one made of tiles, linoleum, stone and concrete, vacuum with a suitable nozzle to collect the garbage. Finally, complete the cleaning with a cleaning solution designed for the respective material.

You can now enjoy unforgettable moments in your new home, which is completely clean and ready to live. In our portfolio you will find all the necessary cleaning products and biocides to make every surface shine with cleanliness, and in our blog, you can read more useful tips related to hygiene and disinfection.