How to protect food surface areas from harmful bacteria

How to protect food surface areas from harmful bacteria

To keep your customers safe and ensure the highest standard of cleaning and disinfection in your public spaces, your professional hygiene team should use products that meet the BS EN standards.  This is a European Standard that gives specific details for a test method and the minimum requirements for bactericidal activity of chemical disinfectant and antiseptic products. This is a “can’t live without” test method for products that stay homogeneous and physically stable when diluted with hard water or – in the case of ready-to-use products – with water.

What is ‘BS EN 1276’?

This standard is especially important for products used in the food industry but also for industrial, domestic, and institutional areas excluding areas and situations where disinfection is medically indicated – BS EN 1276: Chemical disinfectants and antiseptics – Quantitative suspension test for the evaluation of bactericidal activity of chemical disinfectants and antiseptics used in food, industrial, domestic and institutional areas’.

In short, EN 1276 certified products must be effective against the test bacteria, i.e. E. coli, Enterococcus hirae, Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Staphylococcus aureus, at its specified dilution and contact time. Clever, right!

To make sure that your business and your customers have the highest safety measures in your public hygiene approach, especially in food areas, all you have to do is check whether you are purchasing products that specify on their label for either EN 1276 or EN 13697. This will tell you whether you are shopping for products that prevent harmful bacteria from spreading onto food or contact surfaces. A good disinfectant needs to kill a wide range, or ‘broad spectrum’, of bacteria on the surface, including those responsible for food poisoning.

Check out PaChico disinfectants that correspond to industry standards and test methods, especially suitable to protect surfaces of food areas:

  • SCOT PL – BS EN 13697:2015
  • ALD PL – BS ЕN 13697:2015, BS ЕN ISO/IEC 17025:2006
  • Lactosept – BS ЕN 1276:2009, BS ЕN 1650:2008
  • Pachico DZF BA –  BS ЕN 1276:2020, BS ЕN 1650:2020, BDS ЕN 13697:2015+A1:2019
  • Pachico DZF Spray – BS ЕN 1276:2020, BS ЕN 13697:2015+A1:2019, BDS ЕN 1650:2020

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